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Hi. My name is Tony McGettigan.. I set up 'The Time Out Podcast' back in August 2019.

I have a passion of interviewing well known public figures & love sharing these chats with the public. I've an interest in a lot of different topics and this is reflected in the varied personalities that have featured on the podcast so far..

From August 2015 to September 2019, I hosted a weekly country music programme on a local radio station. There I developed my interest in interviewing and producing podcasts, and got to chat to stars such as Daniel O'Donnell, Nathan Carter, Derek Ryan, Jimmy Buckley, Cliona Hagan and lots lots more. I must say I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. On local radio I also featured on a sports panel from time to time, sport is also very close to my heart.

The majority of podcasts I've done so far include song favourites from the various guests I've interviewed. In order to grow my podcast I've, in recent times begun to share some episodes to popular platforms such as Spotify and as per their rules, the addition of music isn't permitted. For those of you who prefer chat only on podcasts, the link to my spotify is here.

I hope you find something that interests you.

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