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- Episode 84 -


Mary From Dungloe Past & Present

The title of this episode sums it up. Mary From Dungloe Past & Present. The festival's full title has grown slightly in recent years. Its now 'Mary From Dungloe International Arts Festival'. Since the festival began in 1968 till current day, there is a huge amount of history attached to it. The aim of these 5 interviews is to perhaps share memories or stories with listeners that they might not have known. Guests include the first winner of the Mary From Dungloe in 1968, Celine Powell. Irish Country Music legend Daniel O'Donnell. Spin 'n' Speed Amusements aka McGurks funfair operator Nigel Bell. Irish Country Music singer Eimear Furlong and last but by no means least, former Garda sergeant Joe Joyce Senior.


- Episode 83 -


Máire McCole

Máire McCole won the Mary From Dungloe in 1983. Becoming the first Mary representing Dungloe to win the title. 40 years have gone by and its a special anniversary since Máire's victory, a win which thrilled locals. I went along to Máire's house for a chat with her on August 1st past, which by chance turned out to be 40 years to the night since her memorable victory. She reminisced on many of her great memories from this famous Dungloe festival. I learnt a lot during the interview that I didn't know about the history of the Mary From Dungloe, including Máire mentioning in depth the story of how and why the festival got its name in the beginning.


- Episode 82 -


Burtonport community centre

On the 11th of July 1993 a new community centre opened in Burtonport. Througout the years it has proved a fantastic hub for many different occasions, fundraisers, children's parties, ETB ran classes and so much more. The building has proved an extremely worthwhile addition. Recently the centre celebrated 30 years opened and I thought I couldn't let the day pass without marking it someway. I interviewed 4 people on the day of the celebrations, and 2 people the following day. Those interviewed were Mary Ellen Hyland, Patricia O'Donnell-Byrne, Margaret Boner, David Alcorn, Margaret Reilly and Mary McGee. All 6 have varying stories of their input into the centre over the years, without this input the centre would not be what it is today.


- Episode 81 -


Declan Nerney

Declan Nerney for me sits among the very finest singers Irish Country Music has seen over the past 30 plus years, and his early experiences in bands pushes his overall story so far around the half century mark. From Drumlish in Co Longford, Declan has through the years kept new hits coming, adding continually to a fine collection of music recorded. An authentic singer, good musician and can write a song. It makes for a good combo. I chat to Declan about some of his biggest songs, the influence late legends Gene Stuart and Brian Coll had on his career, and Declan gives his thoughts on today's country scene in Ireland.


- Episode 80 -


Michael Allsop

Michael Allsop hails from Nottinghamshire in England. His wife hails from Ardara. In the spring of 2021, they re-opened Sandfield pitch and putt in Ardara as the new owners. Michael tells the story of how this came to be, buying the piece of property from the now late Tom Finn. We look back on the course's early history as well, which dates back to 1983. Michael has exciting plans for the future of Sandfield pitch and putt which he and his family run. He talks about the cost to play a round, best scores submitted and famous names to have stopped by for a round.


- Episode 79 -


Beatrice Farrelly

Beatrice Farrelly is the president of 'Elvis rocking in the hills of Donegal fan club' - A club which commemorates the memory of one of music's biggest ever legends, the late Elvis Presley. The club formed in 2014 and along with remembering 'The King of Rock and Roll', it also has so far raised over €27,000 for various charities both locally and nationally. During my interview with Beatrice I talk to her about how the club came about, the Elvis tribute acts that perform at their fundraising events plus much more including remembering those that have helped the club who are sadly no longer with us. Also Beatrice reveals her top five favourite Elvis songs, she talks about her experiences from having visited Graceland plus much more.


- Episode 78 -


Danny O'Donnell

Danny O'Donnell from Annagry, Co. Donegal is right now one of the most popular solo musical acts around; not just in his home county but beyond as well. At just 21 years of age, he has already gigged in USA, Spain, the UK, and many more locations are set to follow. From singing his own covers of well known numbers across various genres to writing his own songs; the future looks very bright for Danny, who is also purusing a career as a music teacher to share his passion and knowledge of music with those wanting to learn. I chat to Danny in this interview about many things, including how his older brother Conor helped inspire him to take up guitar at a young age. Danny also gives advice for those perhaps thinking of getting into music and he mentions whose music he enjoys listening to himself.


- Episode 77 -


Ronan O'Donnell

Ronan O'Donnell from Glenties is qualified as a primary school teacher for nigh on 10 years. It's something he wanted to be from a very early age. During the initial stages of covid he developed another interest; in media which now has led him to pursuing a career in this field. He has a buisness called Dronan Media; where in the world of videography and photography he captures everything from sunrises on well known mountains to general everyday life in local towns or on city streets. He also works in the area of weddings, taking in precious moments in the aftermath of couples who've just tied the knot. Ronan who turns 30 later this year tells great stories in this episode regarding life experiences and also gives valuable advice on a number of topics including following your passion.


- Episode 76 -


Helen McCready

Helen McCready's story so far is inspiring and with many different angles to it. Her work life has different facets. She is a Coru registered Phyiscal Therapist. In Study, she has a few different degrees and a lot of experience in the fields of autism and mental health. She's also into athletics in a big way and to date has ran so many different races varying from 5k's right up to marathons; she has completed an amazing 6 of the latter. Including Berlin in 2021 and last year. I talked to her in her clinic about the work she does, how and why she came to get involved in it and athletics wise, we talk about the level of dedication she puts in to be the admired athlete she is today! Helen has also represented Ireland twice, the first time being 2019 at the British and Irish Masters XC at Aintree Race Course!


- Episode 75 -


Father Matt McInerney

Fr Matt McInerney celebrated 60 years ordained as a priest in 2020. For 40 odd years he served as a priest in England before returning to his home county of Donegal in the early 2000's, where despite being retired he still helps out in the parish of Burtonport/Kincasslagh alongside Fr Pat Ward. I chat to Fr Matt about his early life before he went to England. We also talk about the various places he was placed there as a priest. Which include, Brighton, Worthing and Crawley. His love of fishing is talked about too.


- Episode 74 -


Patrick Feeney

Sligo man Patrick Feeney has been going strong in Irish country music for two decades. One of the very finest voices in Ireland. Since his debut album to current day he has recorded many popular songs ranging from country to gospel. He's also of course one third of the three amigos alongside Robert Mizzell and Jimmy Buckley. I caught up with Patrick last weekend ahead of his gig in the Highlands Hotel Glenties. Lots covered including where he went on honeymoon after marrying his wife Claire, his great connection with singer songwriter PJ Murrihy and much more!


- Episode 73 -


Micheal Brennan

A few years back during lockdown, Glenties man Micheál Brennan (aka Donegal Daddy) starting posting entertaining, light hearted videos to Instagram of himself and his daughter Gracie. Little did Micheál think that a few years on, his pages across several social media platforms would now have the following they do. I chat to Micheál about how the idea for Donegal Daddy came about and much more, including the influence his mum and late dad Francis had on him. We also talk about Naomh Conaill and Martin Regan, being an extra in Daniel O'Donnell's 'Night of the Daniels' and Movember is talked about too. Micheál explains how he sought help as his mental health had deteriorated.


- Episode 72 -


Anthony Molloy

Anthony Molloy's contribution to Donegal GAA over the past 4 decades is nothing short of immense. He was part of the Donegal side that won our county our first ever All Ireland title. That came in 1982 at U21 level. Fast forward 10 years, he had won 3 Ulster titles and most memorable of all captained Donegal to our first ever Sam Maguire triumph. A midfielder who despite injury setbacks, led by great example. A natural born leader. My interview with him included chat about his new book 'Life, Glory And Demons', a memoir reliving the highs and lows over the last 50 years.


- Episode 71 -


'92 Remembered, 30 years on

An episode to mark 30 years to the day since Donegal won their first ever Sam Maguire by beating Dublin in the All Ireland final. Guests include, former Donegal footballers, Tony Boyle, Declan Bonner and John Joe Doherty, former Dublin footballer Vinnie Murphy, and the referee in the 92 decider for Sam, Tommy Sugrue from Tralee in Co Kerry. Lots of memories from the 92 All Ireland are dwelled on including reflections too by the former players on the lead up to the final and the years that followed. My longest podcast to date.


- Episode 70 -


Paul Murray

Before I interviewed Paul Murray, I didn't know anything about him but once I discovered his amazing journey in music, I was keen to have a chat with him. He lives in Wembley, London but his parents are Irish. His Dad hails from Co Armagh and his late mum came from Co Monaghan. At just 6 years of age Paul remarkably sang at Roundwood Park in London in front of 60,000 alongside Big Tom. He'd then, still aged 6, to go on to record a duet with the legendary Castleblaney singer, a song called 'Sunday's Child'; Written by the late great Irish songwriter Johnny McCauley. A man Paul got to know very well over the years. Paul played in Johnny's band too which was called 'Green Country'. He talks in depth about his great friendship with Johnny and reflects on his memories of being around the great Tom McBride. Paul also talks about some of the songs he's written, including one which was inspired by his daughter in relation to dreaming. This song would go on to win Paul and Darren Nash a major award in the USA.


- Episode 69 -


Seamus Moore

The JCB man Seamus Moore is on the country music road over 30 years and counting. Seamus and Mick Flavin were the two country singers I loved listening to most growing up. Known most for his comical songs, he also can sing very well the songs that tell a story. Hailing from Callan, Co. Kilkenny. Seamus has lived in London most of his life but has toured Ireland every year for 3 decades. it's easy to see why he's still in demand. His great character combined with his voice make for a good combo. He's currently on a 9 week tour of Ireland alongside singer/songwriter Paul Murray, I chat to him about this and much more including a chat about some of his biggest songs.


- Episode 68 -


Shaun Sharkey & Helena Melly

The achievements of Shaun Sharkey and Helena Melly in the world of pool in recent years can only be admired. Brother and sister, they have won individual and team trophies both in Donegal and nationally in Ireland. Among their titles won, Shaun has won so far 6x Donegal championships, 2x Ulster champion, 2 x Ulster team champion, 1x All Ireland team champion, 1x All Ireland singles champion, 2 x home nations team champions. Shaun was also ranked Irish no 1 before as well. Helena is a 3x Donegal ladies champion, multiple Irish ranking event winner. 1x All Ireland team champions, and 2x All Ireland singles champion. You'd feel that their honours won list will grow much more in the future. I went along to Owenies Bar in the heart of Dungloe last week and chatted to them both about the highly impressive pool journey they're on. I ask them about different aspects of pool and Shaun and Helena mention the ambitions they'd like to achieve this year and beyond.


- Episode 67 -


Mick Flavin

When I think of the very finest Irish country singers over the past number of decades Mick Flavin is without doubt on that list. The Longford native is on the country music scene 35 years and still going strong. It's personally very special for me to feature Mick on my podcast as I grew up listening to his music and grew a love for his voice and many of the songs he recorded. I chat to him about his great career in country music and how he first fell in love with the genre. Mick talks about who inpsired him, he reflects on his early family life in Longford and we talk about some of his biggest songs.


- Episode 66 -


Matt Britton

Over the last decade plus Matt Britton is best known throughout Donegal for his journalism work. He was employed with the Donegal Democrat for many years before turning his attention to freelance journalism, something he has a great passion for. What a lot of people might not know about Matt is that he has past experience in many fields, including hotel management and being the director of Bord Failte. In hotel management, his work covered government catering and he was once responsible for feeding the late Pope John Paul II when he came to Ireland in 1979. Matt who hails from Donegal town has down through the years met some of the biggest names in acting, music etc. Recently he got to witness locally the great Liam Neeson filming scenes for his new upcoming movie 'In The Land Of Saints And Sinners'. I talk to him about his time working at the Gresham where he met the late Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Rod Stewart and more. His various work experiences made for a particularly interesting chat!


- Episode 65 -


Seán Boylan

When the discussion of the greatest GAA managers of all time is being had, there's no doubting Seán Boylan's name is never far away. What the Dunboyne native achieved with the Meath senior football team in particular was outstanding. Leading them to their first All Ireland title in 20 years in 1987, when they beat Cork. Retaining it the following year against the same opposition. Two more Sam Maguires followed in '96 and '99 against Mayo and Cork respectively. Under Boylan's 23 year spell in charge of the royals they also won 8 Leinster titles and 3 NFL titles. He has won a number of huge personal accolades too, including being made freeman of Meath in 2006, the first Meath person to receive such an honour. I was honoured to share an hour chat with Seán. We look back on his amazing spell in inter county management, how he adores the game of hurling and we look ahead to the provincial finals this weekend. Seán also gives his thoughts on the Tailteann Cup.


- Episode 64 -


Michael McMullan

County Antrim born Michael McMullan's voice is one many sporting fans across Ireland and the UK will recognise. He worked for Today FM for over a decade in presenting the popular 'Premier League Live' alongside Mark Lawrenson and co. With Today FM he also got to experience in person great Irish sporting moments as a reporter. Including watching Ireland play at the Japan/Korea soccer World Cup in 2002 and Padraig Harrington's Open wins in 07/08. Michael now works within the sports of snooker, pool and golf and can be heard on Sky TV regularly. He also hosts the very popular World Snooker Tour podcast. I catch up with him to discuss the recent World Snooker Championship, Irish major successes in golf and memories of Japan/Korea as it's 20th anniversary nears.


- Episode 63 -


Kelan Browne

Kelan Browne from Ballybofey is fastly making a huge impression on many throughout Ireland and beyond with his unique voice in singing country music songs. His wide vocal range gives him great ability to cover anything from Classics to Modern day. So far that is exactly what we've seen from Kelan. His first 2 singles were Conway Twitty's iconic 'Hello Darlin' and Luke Comb's smash hit 'Beautiful Crazy'. Kelan has done both songs great justice and is looking forward to the future, be it his own cover versions, songs written by himself or performing on stage. Whichever method it is, it's very clear Kelan's voices touches people. I chat to him about about his love of country music, the important people in music who've helped him along so far and he talks to me about his love of soccer and Liverpool FC.


- Episode 62 -


Anthea Atkinson

Anthea Atkinson was born in Dublin and has lived in various parts of the world including the UK, the US and other locations but Donegal is her home now and has been for quite some time. She has had many different job titles, from firefighter to paramedic, and working to help the homeless. One common theme is evident throughtout Anthea's working life, her desire to help people. Since moving to Donegal she has immersed herself in various local communities and in recent years worked voluntary as the chairperson of the Mary From Dungloe International Arts Festival. I spoke to Anthea regarding all the above and more, including how she and her husband Ken met and how years later they arrived in Dungloe where they ran successfully 'The River House B&B' and current day they let a popular holiday cottage in Meenaleck.


- Episode 61 -


Kevin Painter

'The Artist' Kevin Painter retired from the PDC darting scene in 2021 when he didn't make it through Q School. Like a lot of players his darting career began in the BDO but come the early noughties he made the switch to the PDC. It was there he began to flourish. In 2004, he narrowly lost out to Phil Taylor in the deciding sudden death leg of the world final. He made a couple of other semi final appearances at the worlds too, 2003 and 2008. The latter of those years Kevin had what he describes as his greatest win, when he knocked out the defending world champion at the time, Raymond Van Barneveld in the last 16. In 2011 Kevin finally got his hands on a major trophy; The 2011 Players Championship. A result which earned him a place in the 2012 Premier League. Kevin has also won numerous other trophies. amongst them, the 2000 Swedish Open and 2002 Bob Anderson Classic. My chat with him covers memories of his great career and we look ahead to the very first 'Seniors' World Darts Championship in a few weeks, an event which Kevin is competing in.


- Episode 60 -


Bernard Flynn

Bernard Flynn was part of a Meath senior football team that won the Royal County, their 1st All Ireland in 20 years when they beat the rebel County Cork in 1987. A year later Meath were champions again against the same opposition. Bernard was also part of Meath teams to lose 2 All Ireland finals in '90 and '91 to Cork and Down respectively. Flynn is a 2x All Star and formed one of the most formidable full forward lines in GAA history alongside Brian Stafford and Colm O'Rourke. I caught up with Bernard yesterday to talk about his memorable times in GAA as part of great teams, we chat about the legendary Sean Boylan and we look ahead to this years keenly anticipated race for Sam.


- Episode 59 -


Father John Joe Duffy

Fr. John Joe Duffy hails originally from Burtonport and was ordained as a priest in 2002. He is currently the Catholic curate in Creeslough, a position he has held since 2017. Other parishes he has served in are Glencolmcille, Kincasslagh/Burtonport, Stranorlar/Twin Towns. Wherever Fr. John Joe has worked, he has left with many friends and is widely respected. I chat with him about his ordination, the effects of the pandemic on everyday life plus he talks about the various locations he has served in as CC. A sector close to John Joe's heart is the fishing sector and we talk about how it has suffered along with others sectors in recent times. Fr. John Joe also offers up a prayer whilst also mentioning his favourite Christmas carol.


- Episode 58 -


Robert Mizzell

Robert Mizzell is one of the biggest names there is in Irish Country music. Having moved to Ireland from Louisiana, USA 30 years ago. Robert got his first big break in Ireland with the song 'Say You Love Me'. Since then he has continued to endear himself to audiences in Ireland in beyond with his wide ranging voice. He has released 13 albums to date, with many other hit songs amongst them like 'The Farmer', 'Two Rooms And A Kitchen', 'Louisiana Saturday Night', 'John Deer Beer', 'Livin The Life' and many, many more. He is also one third of the very popular group, the three amigo's which includes Jimmy Buckley and Patrick Feeney. I caught up with Robert for a chat last week and we had an in depth chat. Amongst them, things he learned during the pandemic, life at home with his wife Adele, and his 2 kids. We talked about his forthcoming album release. We also talked about the great influence Mama Courtney (RIP) had on his life.


- Episode 57 -


Malachy McLaughlin

Before the pandemic hit the world and slowed everything down, Malachy McLaughlin had done DJ'ing locally around Dungloe. During lockdown, he was like many others in the sense that, he had no option, but to restrict what he did. Then one day soon after he decided to experiment with DJ'ing on FB live and the rest as they say is history. DJ MC's popularity soared week after week, his following near and far increasing rapidly. He entertained many who were glad to be entertained at a time when going out to a take in live events was out of the question. Malachy enjoys singing too, be it karaoke or singing a few with a live band, either way DJ MC enjoys entertaining folk. I sat down for a chat with him last week and we talked about his DJ'ing, his loves of visiting Glasgow, supporting Celtic and listening to the legendary group Oasis. Much more is talked about too. This is my first in person interview since EP 7, 609 days ago.


- Episode 56 -


John O'Mahony

John O'Mahony's record in the GAA speaks for itself, one of the great managers to have graced the line. He stopped playing inter county for Mayo at the young age of 23 but before he did, he had won an All Ireland minor title in 1971 followed by reaching the U21 pinnacle three years later. In 1983, as a coach/manager he led Mayo to another U21 All Ireland title. The senior job came calling and again John delivered success in 88, 89, winning back to back Connacht titles for the first time in 38 years. O'Mahony's magic wand captured the attention of Leitrim and in 1994 he led them to sheer ecstasy when they landed their first Connacht title in 67 years. Galway were next in line and it was there John reached the holy grail. He guided the tribesmen to their first All Ireland title in 32 years in 1998 and three years later a second Sam was lifted. I talk to John about his amazing time in GAA, some of the key ingredients for the success he oversaw plus we dwell on Mayo's 11th All Ireland final loss since 1989, 89 being the year that John as manager just came up short in landing his native Mayo GAA's biggest prize. I also chat to John about his time in politics. He represented his Mayo constituency as a TD from 2007 and from 2016 to 2020 he worked as a senator. His overall story is a great one!


- Episode 55 -


John Lynch

John Lynch was a GAA All Star in 1986. The same year he was part of the first Tyrone senior side to play in an All Ireland Final. They would lose this final to the great Kerry side featuring the likes of Jack Ó Sé, Pat Spillane, Bomber Liston, Páidí Ó Sé and many more. John did win 3 senior Ulster medals with Tyrone. I had a chat with the Castlederg man a few days after the All Ireland football final where the Red hand county got their hands on their fourth Sam Maguire, by defeating Mayo by 5 points in the decider. Myself and John review the final itself in detail and John talks about his own playing days. He talks glowingly about the great Art McRory, who as manger enjoyed numerous successes with Tyrone provincially. John outlines the great relationships Art had with players from school level to senior level at various sports.


- Episode 54 -


Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh

Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh was destined to have music play a big role in her life as both her mother Kitty and late father Francie were very musical. Destiny is one thing but reality is another and Mairéad has well and truly made her destiny a reality many times over. In the late 80's she co-founded Altan with her late husband Frankie Kennedy (RIP). The group have enjoyed great success over the years, in all continents and now perform with 4 members when on stage. Mairéad was named Donegal person of the year in 2009, a fitting award for a lady who has shone such a great light on Donegal music as well as Irish trad/folk. I talk to Mairéad about the great influence of her parents and we talk about some of the other groups she's a member of, plus much more!


- Episode 53 -


Father Adrian Gavigan

Fr. Adrian Gavigan was ordained as a priest in the year 2000. Hailing originally from Glenties, later this month he becomes a Parish Priest for the first time in Drumholm, Ballintra. Prior to this he has worked in various areas as a Catholic Curate and he leaves Lettermacaward, Doochary parish having served there since Dec 2017. I chat to him about his time there, his ordination and love of all things Donegal plus he reflects on the spiritual benefits visiting Lourdes has for our youth.


- Episode 52 -


Stephen Glackin

Strand Rovers FC, based in Maghery, Co.Donegal were formed in 2012. After Strand Rovers met the criteria to enter the Donegal League for 2013/14 season, they would make great strides in the years to follow, including promotion to division 1. Despite the disappointment of losing the Voodoo Venue Cup final in 2016/17 to Arranmore United, Strand Rovers under Packie McHugh bounced back strongly in 2017/18, and won division 1 of the Glencar Inn Saturday league with Stephen Glackin as captain. Stephen had joined the club a year after it was formed. Their 1st trophy was a proud moment for both himself and everyone connected to the club. In 2018/19 Strand Rovers under Jim O'Donnell repeated the success of winning the Saturday league, this time by a 5 point margin, having previously won it a single point. During this interview I chat with Stephen about the great progression made by Strand Rovers since their story began plus much more including his hopes for the club in the future.


- Episode 51 -


Eoin Bradley

The Bradley name has served Derry GAA well over the years. From as far back the mid 70's when Eoin Bradley's Uncle Gabriel won back to back Ulster titles with the Oak Leaf County. I chatted with Eoin about his own club and inter county career. He has some regrets but a lot more good memories playing alongside his brother Paddy for both Club and County. Eoin won the Derry county championship with Glenullin in 2007. His proudest moment. Understandably so, because as well as his brother and cousins being involved, his Dad Liam was manager. Eoin was also part of the Derry squad which won the 2008 Div One National Football League, beating Kerry in the final. As well as talking about all these memories, I preview with Eoin this Sunday's Ulster Championship Quarter Final in Ballbofey, Donegal v Derry. Throw in 4pm. We also talk about the progress Derry have made in recent times under Rory Gallagher.

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- Episode 50 -


Mick McLoughlin

For my podcast's milestone 50th episode, I don't think I could have found a more powerful story than that of Mick McLoughlin. A Dublin busker this last 10 years, his stock in the last 12 months has risen and risen. Particularly since November 2020, when a video of Mick was taken of him singing the auld triangle while walking on what was a way quieter than normal Henry street; as a result of lockdown measures. The video grew steadily in popularity as did Mick himself and during the current pandemic his Facebook live performances continue to be watched by tens of thousands of people. Away from music Mick's story is also inspiring. He has experienced many personal challenges in his life such as homelessness and he talks passionately about the situation many homeless people find themselves in and outlines how our government must do more to address this.

To listen to 2 songs of Mick's that I chose for this podcast, you can listen to them along with this interview by visiting the below link. The interview on its own is here to abide by platform rules.

I hope you enjoy the show!


- Episode 49 -


Father Eddie Gallagher

Father Eddie Gallagher was ordained as a priest on June 12th 1977. A much admired and loved priest who is still going strong today. He's been parish priest in Kilcar since 2008. Before that he was parish priest in Carrick, Lettermacaward, Glencolmcille, Dungloe and Gweedore. I caught up with him for a chat and we looked back on many memories of his. Including his ordination. He tells me some of his favourite parables and he said a prayer for those who may be struggling in these testing times we live in.


- Episode 48 -


Brian McEniff

When it comes to the history of Donegal's GAA, nobody has contributed more than Brian McEniff. The Bundoran legend enjoyed great club success with the renound St Josephs in the 60's and 70's, winning a whole host of county titles. Amongst that successful period they also won the 'All Ireland' club title in 1968 and the Ulster club championship in 1975. Brian as player manager of Donegal in 1972 led Donegal to their first ever senior Ulster title. He followed that with a second title in '74. During a second stint in charge he landed Donegal Ulster title No. 3 in 1983 and his Third time in the job saw him win his beloved county's Fourth and Fifth Ulster titles in 1990 and 1992. On the 20th September 1992 Brian guided Donegal to our first ever senior 'All Ireland' title, beating Dublin 0-18 to 0-14 in the decider. During my interview with Brian we preview the opening league fixtures of 2021 this weekend and we reflect on many of his great memories including the unforgettable year Sam Maguire came to the Hills for the first time.


- Episode 47 -


Dominic Dale

Dominic Dale turned snooker pro in 1992 alongside the likes of O'Sullivan, Williams and John Higgins. He has 2 ranking titles to his name, the 1997 Grand Prix and the 2007 Shanghai Masters. In 2014 he was a very popular winner at the 'Snooker Shootout' tournament in Blackpool. Throughout his snooker career he's being known as one of the characters of the sport and hasn't being afraid to stand out from the crowd with his various hair styles and dress sense. He's currently commentating with Eurosport on the 2021 Betfred World Snooker Championship and during my interview with him we discuss the last 4 remaining in the competition and review some of the stories from this much loved event which kicked off 2 weeks ago. I also chat to Dominic about his own career and I put his snooker knowledge to the test with 7 crucible related questions.


- Episode 46 -


Joe Kernan

Joe Kernan's contribution to Armagh football both as a player and manager could see him described as Midas in the Orchard county. In the 70's and 80's he won a total of 5 county titles with Crossmaglen Rangers. In the early 90's he would take on the role of their manager. Cross had being on barren run prior to Joe's arrival, but after a few years in charge he had them winning county titles again. In fact more than that, under Joe, the renound club from Armagh would go on to win 3 All Ireland club titles in 4 years. Joe enjoyed success as an inter county player too, he won 2 All Stars and 3 Ulster titles. In his debut season as Armagh manager he led them to their first ever Sam Maguire title. His story is remarkable, He tells me during our chat of how pivotal moments were managed and mentions how several other legendary managers helped him and his various squads along the way.


- Episode 45 -


Pat Ward

Pat Ward has a wealth of experience in Donegal soccer over the years as both a player and coach and played for a number of different clubs. This was after he had moved to Donegal having lived in Scotland for the early part of his life, where he developed his love of soccer, having lined out for the Clyde U16's. Across Donegal, Pat enjoyed a fair bit of success with local sides and I reflect with him on these memories. His steady performances in goal for the likes of Arranmore United earned him a county call up. He also played for Finn Harps at youth level. Once his playing days were over Pat turned into a very capable coach, and particularly excelled in progressing local schoolboy footballers to greater heights. I talk with Pat about all this plus much more including how at an early age it was obvious he was a gifted carpenter.


- Episode 44 -


Ben Harkin

Ben Harkin hails from Termon, near Letterkenny and last year he released a powerful book entitled 'Time Nor Tide'. A book focusing on the huge issue of climate change. His book focuses on Ireland specifically and along with detailing the changes we will see in years to come, he outlines the solutions to limit the effects of climate change for future generations. Ben felt an urgency to address this matter as even today in Ireland and in recent years we are experiencing the effects of global warming, such as storms becoming more frequent. Ben adds a great personal side to his book as well, he has a great love of poetry and he quotes the late great poet Seamus Heaney multiples times. Ben also has links to Termon Maghery and he speaks fondly of how visiting the Rosses helped educate him on climate change.


- Episode 43 -


John Joe McGinley

John Joe McGinley from Gweedore has an interest in many different avenues and amongst them, is his beloved Celtic FC. He runs a 'Celtic Gossip' Twitter account which has over fifty thousand followers. I chatted to John Joe about Celtic's disappointing season and got his thoughts on where it all went wrong. He also lists his all time Celtic XI. John Joe is also an author and in late 2020 released a book called 'Irish Wise Guys', a book featuring stories of the most notorious Irish American gangsters. He talks about this book and tells us some details of a future book he has planned for release later this year. John is also a huge promoter of autism awareness and he mentions the ways in which he trys to help others in a similar situation to both he and his family. I hope you enjoy the interview!


- Episode 42 -


Neily Keeney

Neily Keeney's job of being a show business photographer over the last thirty years has given him the opportunity to meet many of the biggest names imaginable, particularly in American and Irish country music. Names like Gene Watson, Moe Bandy, Bille Jo Spears, George Hamilton IV, Charley Pride and many more. Here in Ireland he was very good friends with the late Brian Coll, a legend who Neily credits as the man who got him into photography. There's no doubting Neily's biggest idol of all time though, the man in black; the late Johnny Cash. Neily got to meet Johnny multiple times and he shared with me in this interview memories of the some of the times he got to meet him. Fittingly this chat with Neily was recorded on the 89th anniversary of Johnny's birth.


- Episode 41 -


Isla Grant

Isla Grant's songwriting down through the years has touched many people across many countries. Add to that the heartfelt way in which she delivers her songs and its easy to see why she's had a lot of success. Some of her albums have gone triple Platinum. Isla's songs all tell a story and powerful ones at that, ones in which many can resonate with. I caught up with Isla yesterday via the phone and we talked about the background behind some of her most popular songs, the new interests she's developed during lockdown and much more!


- Episode 40 -


Pat 'The Cope' Gallagher

Pat 'The Cope' Gallagher has being involved in politics for over 40 years. In that time he has served as a Councillor, TD. Minister, MEP and Leas-Cheann Comhairle. In the general election of February 2020, he narrowly lost his seat in Dail Eireann but as he tells me in my interview with him, he still continues to help people on a one to one basis. We chatted about many different things including his daily excerise routine, his life in politics, his love of GAA, how he first met his wife Ann and much more.


- Episode 39 -


Brian Cannon

Brian Cannon and his family have played a central role in Lettermacaward life since as early as 1911. From that year on his grandfather ran the Post office, a baton which Brian would take hold of later in life. Brian worked in the Post office for nigh on 40 years but is now retired. In this podcast he reflects with me on several of the key happenings in Lettermacaward over the last century and beyond. From the story of the Herring influx into Traighenna Bay, to the archaeological dig at Dooey to the building of the Gweebara Bridge, quite a lot of ground is covered. I discovered a lot of things I didn't know during this interview, maybe you will too.


- Episode 38 -


David Greene

David Greene hails originally from Croveigh, just outside Dungloe, Co.Donegal but is now living and working in Brisbane Australia. In December past David was elected the president of the Irish Australian Chamber Of Commerce. A role dealing in supporting Irish people living down under. David's day job involves him being a senior political advisor for the Queensland minister for transport, a role which has seen David assisting in the response to Covid-19, and he was part of the decision process to close Queensland's borders to the rest of Australia in March 2020. David's a remarkable success story to me because he has faced several highly challenging health issues in his life but it doesn't stop him from carrying out his highly responsible work tasks. I caught up with him via phone on Monday January 18th to talk about all of the above and more. It's important to note that the Covid-19 related figures mentioned during this interview are in relation to the figures released on the date of this podcast being recorded.


- Episode 37 -


Jason Black

Jason Black's story is remarkable. Despite being bullied in his early teenage years and losing people close to him, he has gone on to achieve some of the most impressive feats imaginable. He is very modest in his successes and as you'll hear in my interview with him, he's a great believer that we all can achieve great things if we don't stop ourselves in the process. Jason has summited the most challenging mountains in the world, Mount Everest 2013, K2 2018. He has set records on mountains in Africa and South America. He can be described as an global endurance athlete but this only tells part of his story. It doesn't define him. He aim is to empower people from sharing his experiences and I think you will be from just listening to him speak.


- Episode 36 -


Father Pat Ward

Fr. Pat Ward originally from Arranmore was ordained as a priest in 1988. Currently the parish priest in Kincasalagh, Fr. Pat recently won an award 'Donegal Inspirational Hero'. An award richly deserved as during the current Covid-19 pandemic he has brought joy and hope to many. Not just to those who would attend his masses during normal times but to the many new followers he gained via the webcam due to his loveable personality. Not only is he a popular priest, his skills with the Ukulele are there for all to witness online too, the instrument beautifully accompanies him during manys a prayer. I interviewed Fr. Pat yesterday and we talked about his award, the importance of faith, his special friendship with the late Fr. Seamus Gallagher and much more including a Christmas blessing for listeners.


- Episode 35 -


Margo O'Donnell

Margo O'Donnell's story in country music has spanned over 55 years and counting. Her voice is one of those I'd describe as instantly recognizable. She has worked alongside the biggest names in music, the likes of Dolly Parton, her good friend being a prime example. Her singing career started out in the mid 60's with local band, The Keynotes. A group Margo has the highest of praise and respect for, which she elaborates on in our interview. I was glad to catch up with Margo again and chat about her life in Monaghan, the recent Late Late country special and lots more including some memories of another good friend of hers, the late Big Tom. Enjoy the interview.


- Episode 34 -


Peter Dickson

The title of Peter Dickson's recently released book describes him well: 'Voice Over Man'. For decades he has worked across an endless array of shows on British TV mainly. In a long career which is still going strong he has worked alongside some of the great household names in TV and radio. Two late legends in Terry Wogan and Bruce Forsyth to name but a few. Peter is best known for his work on the very popular singing talent series, the X Factor. Introducing contestants and guest stars onto the stage since the show's beginning in his own unique and enthusiastic style. Other shows he's worked on include 'The Price Is Right' and 'Britains Got Talent'. I was so glad Peter agreed to an interview with me. His story is interesting and inspiring. He told me some funny stories too which I think you may enjoy!.


- Episode 33 -


Elizabeth Keenan

Elizabeth Keenan hails originally from Co. Longford but now lives in Co. Kildare. She works in marketing but also is a travel blogger and to date, on Instagram she has nigh on twenty thousand people following her. She's travelled the world, 30 countries in all so far and she has her sights set on more travelling in the future. I caught up with her for a chat about some of her favourite places visited globally and some of her favourite places in Ireland. She also recommends several countries that would be good holiday destinations for the future.


- Episode 32 -


Charlie Arkins

Ireland has produced a lot of fine musicians down through the years, but when it comes to Fiddle playing Charlie Arkins sits among the very finest. Taught by his late father, Charlie's first big break came in the mid 70's when along with the Cotton Mill Boys, he won Opportunity Knocks, a competition the band would go on to win multiple times. Charlie played in bands alongside the likes of John Hogan and Robert Mizzell but spent most time as a member of Jimmy Buckley'a band, nigh on 20 years. Charlie recently retired and is now enjoying life with his wife in their homeplace of Co. Westmeath. I caught up with him for a chat and to go reflect on his great career playing both the Fiddle and Harmonica.


- Episode 31 -


Alan McInally

Alan McInally had to retire in his early thirties from his football career after sustaining an injury whilst at German giants Bayern Munich. Prior to this, Alan achieved success. In 1989/90 he won the Bundesliga title with Bayern. 4 years previous Alan along with another huge club in Celtic won the Scottish title as they just pipped Hearts to 1st spot on goal difference. Alan also represented Scotland at the 1990 World Cup. He currently works as a pundit on Sky Sports' Gillette Soccer Saturday and also works on their midweek shows. It was great to chat to Alan, such an interesting, funny man. We reviewed the weekend action in the Premier League, looked at Celtic's current form in the SPL and touched on his own playing days and boy did he have some great stories to tell me.


- Episode 30 -


John Gildea

There are many unsung heros across various sports and for me John Gildea was one of them when we played inter county football for Donegal and his club Naomh Conaill. He was part of a talented ounty side unfortunate not to win silverware, falling just short in several Ulster final deciders against the likes of Derry and Armagh. In 2005, John was a key member of the Glenties side which won their first Donegal senior hampionship, having beaten St Eunans after a replay. I interviewed John yesterday (16/10/20) over the phone and discussed the current pandemic, previewed the return of the national football league and spoke of his memories as a player with both club and county.


- Episode 29 -


Jamie Caven

Jamie Caven's attitude to life is admirable considering some of the unfortunate hands he's being dealt. As a young child of just over a year, he was left blind in his right eye after being stung by a bee. In the mid 90's he had to have his pancreas removed as it was covered in tumours. This lead to diabetes and the need to be injected with insulin for the rest of his life. Despite these setbacks he has achieved success in the world of darts. In 1993 he became World Youth Masters Champion. His best result in the Professional World Championship came in 2016 when he reached the last 16. Jamie has a total of 7 wins on PDC Pro Tour. I was delighted to get the opportunity to chat to Jamie about his life and career so far. Before my interview with Jamie took place I set him the task of naming his top 10 all time dart players.


- Episode 28 -


Con McLaughlin

Con McLaughlin signed for Ballybofey soccer club Finn Harps in 1978, the rest as they say as history. In the mid-Eighties he was transformed into a centre forward from a winger/midfielder and it was up top McLaughlin would thrive. In 1988 he was given a testimonial and it was in that same season he scored 19 goals in the first division, a record at the time. In his time with Harps he amassed 391 appearances with 138 goals. He also attracted interest from English clubs Leeds and Wolves in the 80's but as Con explains in my interview with him, those moves didn't happen. During my chat with Con this morning we also looked at Finn Harps current day and previewed the opening games in the Premier League cross channel this weekend.


- Episode 27 -


Joe Johnson

In 1986, Joe Johnson went into the Snooker World Championship having previously not won a match in the event held at the famous Crucible Theatre. He was a 150-1 outsider at the outset and went all the way to the final where he met the legendary Steve Davis. Joe defeated Steve 18-12 to become world champion and with it forever having his name on that famous silver trophy. I was lucky enough to have a chat with Joe over the phone earlier today and we talked about memories of his brilliant triumph in '86 and we reviewed the world championship which has just finished in where Ronnie O'Sullivan claimed his 6th title.


- Episode 26 -


Jason Quigley

Jason Quigley from Ballybofey in Co.Donegal Ireland is a rising star in the world of boxing. In the amateur ranks, he amassed over 250 fights with as little as 15 losses. He has won 3 Gold medals at European level and has 1 Silver medal at world level. Jason turned pro in 2014 and has already had 19 bouts including 18 wins, 14 by KO. He is promoted by Goldenboy and trained by former WBO middleweight world champion Andy Lee. I caught up with Jason yesterday to discuss his career so far and the possibility of a mega fight with Canelo Alvarez later this year.


- Episode 25 -


Louise Breslin

Louise Breslin is a woman of many talents hailing originally from Dungloe in Co. Donegal. Along with being a medical scientist, Louise also has her own business in fashion called 'Laveesha'. A few years ago Louise's buisness won an expose national award for best accessories in Ireland. I caught up with her yesterday and chatted to her about the current pandemic, what her work as a medical scientist involves and of course we talked about her successful business and how she got the idea to start it up!


- Episode 24 -


Packie Bonner (Tribute To Jack Charlton)

On July 10th, the world of football lost one of it's most charismatic figures of the past 60 years, Jack Charlton. As a player he was a part of the great Leeds team of the 60's and 70's. He was also a member of the English team who won the 1966 World Cup on their own soil. He managed several clubs side once his playing days ended but it was his exploits with the Republic Ireland from 1986 to 1996 which stands out massively from his managing days as he brought our country to its first major tournament in Germany at Euro 88 and two successive world cup appearances, with the first seeing us reach the last 8 at Italia 90. I caught up with one of Jack's biggest performers from the past Packie Bonner yesterday and we paid tribute to the memory of this great legendary figure who has sadly left us but who has left a mountain of great memories.


- Episode 23 -


Patsy Cavanagh

Patsy Cavanagh is a well known singer songwriter hailing from Greencastle in Co. Donegal. Over the years a lot of his songs have being covered by various stars of Irish Country Music. His biggest song without doubt is 'Home To Donegal', an anthem for Donegal people all over the world. Other popular songs of Patsy's include 'Can't Hold The Years Back', 'The Old School Yard' and 'The Lights Of Home'. I interviewed Patsy yesterday and we touched on the background of some of his most popular songs, how he's dealing with the current pandemic and lots more.


- Episode 22 -


Eunan McIntyre

Eunan McIntyre has being involved in music now for over 25 years. Hailing from the beautiful Glencolmcille. Eunan is a gifted singer/songwriter and his songs have taken him all over his own county and beyond Ireland too. His songs are based on things that mean something special to him and some of these songs are featured within this particular podcast with him which we recorded the interview for yesterday. Eunan, like all Donegal folk is proud of where he comes from and there's no doubting living on the edge of the Wild Atlantic Way has inspired many of the songs that he's penned.


- Episode 21 -


Steven McDonnell

In 1999 Steven McDonnell was drafted into the Armagh senior panel and it wasn't long before he and his fellow team members were making Armagh a force in Ulster football again. A county starved of Anglo Celt success since 82 all of a sudden had successive titles in the bag under Brian McAlinden and Brian Canavan (99 00). In late 2001 former Armagh all star Joe Kernan took the baton as Armagh boss and in 2002, his debut season, he led Armagh to Ulster and All Ireland success. It was largely down to a team effort of course but Steven McDonnell played a starring role, summed up best by the fact he hit the winning point v Kerry in the 02 final. Steven's personal achievements in the game are highly impressive, 3x All Star, Player Of The Year in 2003 and the first player to hit the 100 points tally in the International rules series back in 2011. I caught up with Steven yesterday to reflect on all of the above and much more.


- Episode 20 -


Derek Ryan

In November of 2019 Derek Ryan released what was for me one of the finest compilation albums Irish Country Music has ever seen. Aptly titled 'The Hits', it features all Derek's biggest songs since the beginning of his story in Irish Country and what a story it has being so far. The Carlow native's song writing ability for me is something very special. He's only 36 and already the amount of great songs he's penned suggests we're in for a lot more. I caught up with Derek yesterday for a chat about how he's spending his time during the pandemic, we spoke of his time in D side, the influence of his Dad on his music career plus much more.


- Episode 19 -


Kevin McBride

On June 11th 2005, Monaghan's Kevin McBride wrote his name into the boxing history books in Washington D.C as he defeated Mike Tyson in front of the 20,000 spectators in attendance. The Clones Colossus was a huge underdog going into the fight, yet it was he who prevailed victorious as Tyson failed to get off his stool for round 7. Its just gone past the 15th anniversary of that contest and McBride who retired in 2011 is now working for a tree surgeon in Boston, USA. A place were Kevin has lived for nigh on 20 years. I was delighted to interview Kevin yesterday and to chat to him about the famous win over Iron Mike, and got his thoughts on why he didn't manage to build momentum from that win.


- Episode 18 -


David Hendon

If you're a Snooker fan and watch tournaments on Eurosport and ITV, you'll be familiar with the voice of David Hendon as lead commentator. I interviewed David on Tuesday, a day before the sad passing of Willie Thorne was announced, may he RIP. Myself and David spoke of the challenges facing snooker during the current pandemic. We touched on the impact of Barry Hearn on World Snooker, we previewed the upcoming World Championship next month at the Crucible and looked back on the history of this great event which dates back to 1927 when Joe Davis won the first of 15 straight titles.


- Episode 17 -


Eamon McGee

Eamon McGee was first drafted into the Donegal squad in 2003 under Brian McEniff. In 2007, he was an ever present figure in Donegal's route to the Division 1 title where they beat Co. Mayo in the final. Like many Donegal players, it was under Jim McGuinness where McGee took his game to another level. Alongside his brother Neil, provincial success was had in Ulster in 2011 & 2012 before the holy grail itself was landed in 2012 when Sam Maguire was won with Mayo again the opposition in the decider. McGee retired from the Donegal set up in 2016 & since then has gone on to achieve club success with Gweedore in securing county & provincial honours. I interviewed Eamon during the week & reflected on the McGuinness era & much more.


- Episode 16 -


Father Brian D'Arcy

In 2019 Father Brian D'Arcy celebrated a very special year in style. Not only was he marking 50 years as a priest, he was also honoured with an OBE award. Fr Brian; from Co. Fermanagh originally, is now based in Co. Down and has being well known nationally and beyond for many decades both from TV appearances and from having had slots on various radio programmes for over 40 years. I was delighted to interview him yesterday. We covered a lot of ground on different topics including the sad recent passing of Brendan Bowyer (RIP) who Brian tells a few great stories about during our chat. Also mentioned is Fr Brian's book, a memoir which he released in months past.


- Episode 15 -


Daniel O'Donnell

When most people think of Irish country music they think of Daniel O'Donnell. Since the early 80's to now its incredible the level of success he has had consistently. Album after album, concert after concert, people long for more. I'm proud of the fact Daniel hails from the Rosses . Himself and his wife Majella who I've also featured on this podcast are a huge credit to Donegal as a county in the work they do in raising money for charity, and having helped massively in attracting so many tourists to Donegal and the Rosses over the years which of course is a very positive thing for any location. The amount of joy Daniel in particular has given to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe can only be admired really. I caught up with Daniel yesterday to see how he was coping with the current lockdown and we touched on many different topics.


- Episode 14 -


Wayne McCullough

Former boxing two weight world champion Carl Frampton recently listed Wayne McCullough as his No.1 Irish fighter of all time. Its easy to see why. In a pro boxing career spanning 15 years McCullough mixed it with the very best at his weight, the likes of Prince Nazeem and Erik Morales just a few examples. Wayne in 1995 became WBC Bantamweight Champion by winning a split decision v Japan's Yasuei Yakushiji, a fight which took place in Japan. It was the pinnacle of a very impressive career which saw Wayne not being floored once by any boxer. I was delighted Wayne agreed to an interview with me. I phoned Las Vegas yesterday to discuss many things about his career.


- Episode 13 -


Pat Boyle

Pat Boyle has being secretary of Na Rossa GAA club since 1982. I thought it'd be a good idea to do a show on the history of this great club and there was no better man to do this with than Pat. During this particular podcast, Pat goes right back to the start with how why Na Rossa were formed, he lists the successes the club has had down through the years and he touches on the current day scene as Na Rossa have a brand new pitch to be proud of in Lettermacaward.


- Episode 12 -


Rory Gallagher

When I think of great Donegal talent in music, Rory Gallagher from Kilcar sits right up there with the very best. His originality and passion for music can only be admired. He has written hundreds of songs in his time penning material and I've no doubt we're going to see a lot more great songs from him in the coming months and years. His story to me is a great one, he has lived, laughed and experienced many different cities of the world via music, from both his time with the Revs and now as he's known, Rory & The Island. I was delighted Rory agreed to do this podcast with me.


- Episode 11 -


Michael Redmond

Last month, April 21st to be precise, marked 25 years since the first episode of Father Ted aired on channel 4. To this day, a lot of Irish people quote lines in Father Ted, a testament to just how dearly the show is held in our nations hearts. This podcast is my way of paying tribute to a show I've enjoyed watching for years. I've included as many funny clips as I could find that I myself found funny throughout all the entire series. Also included in this podcast is an interview with Michael Redmond aka Father Stone. I was delighted when Michael agreed to an interview. He is one of the much loved characters of the show, despite only appearing in one episode. He played his role simple but oh so effective. Michael has being a well respected stand up comedian for many years and I've also included some of this in this podcast.


- Episode 10 -


Ken Doherty

For many years, Ken Doherty has been a sporting hero of mine. As a teenager I recall him winning the 1997 World Snooker Championship, an amazing feat considering he ended Stephen Hendry's 5 year streak of dominance at the crucible. I got the oppertunity to interview Ken yesterday, a great honour for me. We chatted about his impressive career, amongst other things in this episode.


- Episode 9 -


Tanya McCole

The world of music lost one of its finest ever talents recently when John Prine (RIP) sadly passed away. A singer/songwriter of the highest calibre. Tanya McCole joined me on the phone today April 27th, to commemorate John's memory in a tribute show. Tanya performed with John on tour back in 2018.


- Episode 8 -


Charlie McGettigan

In 1994 Charlie McGettigan along with Paul Harrington won the Eurovision song contest for Ireland. Rock n Roll Kids was of course the song and to this day it remains a very popular winning song with people everywhere. Victory for the emerald isle in 94 marked the third straight year that Ireland won the contest. I caught up with Charlie McGettigan earlier today over the phone and we spoke of many things including his upbringing in Ballyshannon, memories of that famous night at the Point Theatre and much more!


- Episode 7 -


Adrian Sweeney

Adrian Sweeney played for the Donegal senior football team from 1996 to 2008. In that time he gained a reputation as one of the finest forwards in the country. He was deservedly awarded an all star back in 2003 and 4 years later he was part of the Donegal team who won Div 1 of the National Football League. In 1995 Adrian won an Ulster U-21 medal with Donegal as they beat a Cavan side who were under the watch of Martin McHugh. I sat down with Adrian yesterday to discuss Donegal's current league form under Declan Bonner and we also reflected on his own playing days plus much more!!


- Episode 6 -


Majella O'Donnell

Majella O'Donnell is a well known woman across Ireland and beyond. She is an award winning author, a TV personality and in the past has raised over half a million euro for the Irish Cancer Society. This was achieved as a result of Majella having her head shaved live on the late late show in 2013, as she herself was suffering from breast cancer at the time. Majella is also the wife of Irish Country Music superstar Daniel O'Donnell. I got a chance to chat to Majella about many things in relation to her life yesterday at Carey's Viking House, Kincasslagh. A hotel that Daniel and his family used to run many years ago.


- Episode 5 -


Erin McGinty

In January 2018 Erin McGinty set out on an adventure to shine a light on various aspects of Donegal as a county. She created an Instagram/Facebook page called 'Coolest Place On The Planet' and she now has thousands of people following her travels across different locations in Donegal. From beaches, to hotels, to places in general, Erin leaves no stone unturned when recommending places for her followers to visit. On social media, she uploads pictures and videos of her experiences and more often than not, people will then go along and check these places out for themselves. Erin is also a very active lady; from mountain hikes to 5k's, her stamina can only be admired. I interviewed her last night at the Waterfront Hotel in Dungloe.


- Episode 4 -


Caroline O'Donnell

Dungloe rejoyced in 2018 when local girl Caroline O'Donnell was announced as winner of the 51st Mary From Dungloe International Arts Festival. Caroline was a popular choice among many for the crown, not just with folk in the Rosses. Her beauty mixed with her personality can only make her likeable to anyone who encounters her. I sat down with Caroline on Wednesday last in the Bridge Inn Bar and we had a great chat. We talked about her recent trip to electric picnic and touched on many other topics including her visit to China several years ago. I also sprung a little mini challenge her way in the form of who wants to be a millionaire!


- Episode 3 -


Pat Gallagher

Pat Gallagher is a man admired by many in Donegal and beyond. A singer songwriter with natural talent in abundance. In the late 80's he formed the group 'The Goats Don't Shave' and to this day they're much loved for their music. Pat kindly took the time yesterday to speak with me and we covered a lot of area including the stories behind how some songs came about, his dedicated wedding band who are proving very popular and much more!


- Episode 2 -


Declan Bonner

Donegal have had a pretty good 2019!! They regained their division one status for next year and in the process, they picked up the divison two title after they beat Meath in the Croke Park decider. Following on from that they retained the Anglo Celt cup for only the second time in Donegal's history, after they beat the men from Cavan in the Ulster final. In the Super 8's Donegal held their own but just came up short of making the last 4 in the race for Sam. Their manager Declan Bonner sat down with me last week to review Donegal's season, Stephen Rochford's future, the super 8's structure and much more!


- Episode 1 -


Brian Warfield

The Wolfe Tones are on the road for 56 years. A legendary group who's popularity has never waned. I went to An Chúirt Hotel yesterday to interview the great Brian Warfield. Brian, along with being a great singer, has also penned 120 songs to date. We spoke about many things, including a new book he has set for release later this year. The Wolfe Tones, who currently consist of Brian, Tommy Byrne & Noel Nagle.

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